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Restocking fee applies, remaining amount to be paid in full in the next 12 mons for Bella. If returned within 7 days of receipt, a store credit will be provided. 

Maximum due date Oct 2021 (8 of 12 outstanding) 

Received: $2165.00

Remaining 28/06: $166.50 x 3, eek so close! 


There is something very special about this ring, when I wear her I feel light and happy...perhaps it's the romantic ribbon of diamonds... or maybe it's the silky blue sapphire 💙

Truly beautiful and rare, this antique Belle Epoque ring is set in platinum over 18ct gold. The ribbons are decorated with rose cut and old European diamonds and the centre features a 1.08ct natural blue sapphire. She is size 8 and resizable.

Did you know that Belle Epoque is French for 'Beautiful Era'?

Belle Epoque jewellery was created in the first 15 years of the 20th century and was inspired by popular motifs during the rule of Louis XIV. These motifs included bows, wreaths and garlands of fabric.

The industrial revolution brought wealth to many and those who were able to show this off wore jewellery laced in diamonds, pearls and platinum. This ring is a beautiful example of the soft yet glamourous jewellery this era brought us.

Size: 8 resizable 

Features: 1.08ct Natural Sapphire, 0.50 ctw rose cut and old European diamonds. Platinum over 18ct gold